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Top 10 Most Expensive Apps

Wednesday, April 27th 2011. | Technology

Internet is an arena of countless IT developers or coders around the world and is a single market where they can sell their invention without boundaries, without time limits, without storekeeper and without packaging fee. Internet is also a backbone of mobile applications and mobile application store. Some are meant free and some are meant for money. In this post, we are going to stumble upon 10 of those most expensive apps in the world.

10. Spotify App (£9.99 per mo @ iTunes and Android store)


Spotify apps display

Spotify Application is music application and user who have android phone can get it on Android or iTunes. The application is free but user cannot use it unless they have Spotify premium account. To get the premium account user should pay £ 9,99 monthly. You can cancel anytime if you bored with music.

9. Deluxe Dictionaries (£26.99 @ Nokia Ovi store)
It is a pocket able dictionaries application from Nokia. With this application, you have a dictionary in your phone and you only need to spend £26.99 one time. If you think one complete dictionary is heavier than your phone and pricier than this application. You should buy it

8. ROSIE Home Automation (£29.99 @ iTunes Store)
ROSIE Home Automation will turn your iPhone to be a home remote control system. It works over the internet and is bridged with Rosie application system. Once you install and activate the software, you have access to check or control your Security system and lightning system remotely wherever you are

7. Luminair (£59.99 @ iTunes store)
If you work with stage or studio lightning system, now you can control the system from your palm. It is compatible with any digital lightning system and it has a capability to control stage lightning fixtures from a distance
6. XA1 (£99.99 @ iTunes store)
XA1 is a helpful application for new or senior DJ who wants to improve their mixing skill and to create a new mix. The developer completed it with lightweight, responsive, quick, and sensitive audio analyzer and audio spectrum examination.
5, Lexi-COMPLETE (£179.99 @ iTunes store)


Lexi Complete display

Lexi Complete is completed with medical databases, practices, analysis, treatment tips and medical references for doctors and medical practitioners. It gives valuable info for one who works in Hospital or infirmary

4. PDR Quote (£199.99 @ iTunes store)
Developer who created PDR Quote expects this application will be valuable asset for people who work with invoices actively and constantly. PDR Quote is compact application, reliable and accurate small accounting application
3. I Am Richer ($200 @ Android store)
I am Richer is a self-motivation application and the developer said it sent positive message to one who install it on their android. Unfortunately, most people agree that this application is useless and big lie. Apple store banned such application 24 hours after the maker list it on their store. View people purchased it and they claimed full refund for their hesitate decision.

2. MATG Dynamics GP (£279.99@ iTunes store)
MATG stands for My Account to go and coders who created it made the application to help manager, accountant or business owner to check, update or renew their cash flow and stock list from their iPhone. The maker packed it with advance security system, easy to surf interface and fast accessibility.

1. I Am Rich ($999.99 & £599.99-iTunes store-Banned)


I am Rich display

I am Rich is the former version of I am Richer and it was sold in iTunes before Apple deleted it from the store 24 hours after it was listed. I am Rich is a simple application and it worked as a robotic motivator which sent message, “I am Rich, I am good, I am healthy and Successful and I deserve it” routinely. The seller listed the app in August 6, 2008 and instead of earning positive review, he received negatives response from nearly all subscribers who spent nearly a thousand dollar to own the most expensive app in the world.


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