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Top 5 Most Expensive Beers in the World

Monday, May 9th 2011. | Culinary

People drinks Beer since hundreds of years ago and the hobby is descended from one generation to the next generations. Beer has many fans and Beer is available in many brands. Some are below $20 and some are above it. On the following list, we are going to stumble upon view beers on the list of most expensive beer in the world. Most of the beer below are limited production

1.Tutankhamun Ale – $52 per bottle


Tutankhamun Ale

Tutankhamun Ale came from the experiment of Cambridge scientist after they found a tablet filled with recipe to make a drink for a king inside Queen Nefertiti temple of the Sun in Egypt which is believed was built by King Akenhaten. The name of the beer is taken after the name of King tut. Tutankhamun ale is brewed inside Cambridge laboratory and because the experiment was success, they commercialized it.

2. Samuel Adams Utopias – $100 per bottle

Samuel Adams utopias used to be the strongest and most expensive beer in the world before Carlsberg vintage 3 took its position. Samuel Adams is 50 proof and that means the beer is one of the strongest. High Quality hops are used to brew Utopias and once the process was done, one ornate copper-plated is used to bottle the beer. According to the official, Utopias has unique taste combination of sweet flavor came from vanilla, caramel and oak. Since it is a non-carbonated beer, it is advised to serve the beer on a room temperature. As last information, you should know that the producer only made 8000 utopias worldwide

3. Carlsberg Vintage 3 – $348 per bottle

most-expensive-beer-carlsberg-vintage-3-and samuel-adams-utopias.jpg

Carlsberg Vintage 3 and Samuel Adams Utopias

Carlsberg Group was an old brewing company and it has produced beer since 1847. This company has released new Carlsberg beer every year. Special for 2008, 2009 and 2010, Carlsberg has launched limited edition product coded Carlsberg Vintage 1 (launched 2008, which is sold 2,008 Danish Kroner a bottle) , Carlsberg Vintage 2(launched in 2009, which is sold for 2,009 Danish Kroner a bottle) and Carlsberg Vintage 3( launched in 2010, which is sold for 2,010 Danish Kroner a bottle). As the most expensive Carlsberg beer, every Vintage 3 is coming with an exclusive bottle, which was tapped and labeled by two selected artists from Radiant Copenhagen project and Kasper Bonnen.

4. Brewdog’s “The End of History” – $765 per bottle.

Our second most expensive beer is coming from a Scottish brewery, BrewDog. Every bottle of BrewDog ‘the End of History’ is designed for extreme alcoholics who have thick pocket. BrewDog fills every bottle of End of History with 55 percent Alcoholic content and a unique casing, which is encased with a dead squirrel or weasel taken from taxidermist who collects them from a roadside. The road kill weasel gives unique impression and different experiences. BrewDog only released 11 BrewDog the Ends of Days. 4 of them are cased inside dead grey squirrels and 7 of them are cased inside dead weasels

5. Antarctic Nail Ale – $800


Antarctic Nail Ale

Australia’s nail Brewing Company has been known as the producer of outstanding beer for more than 10 years. To mark their existence, The Company released the most expensive beer in the world where the money went directly to the charity. Antarctic Nail Ale is brewed using real Antarctic ice. It is brewed using a special technique, proposed for a specific mission and the company only released 30 bottles of this brand. Sea Shepherd Conservation society purchased the first most expensive beer in the world at one auction at Fremantlem Western Australia

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