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Top 10 Most Expensive Bikes in the World

Monday, April 25th 2011. | Transportation

There is view bikes in the world that are not meant for mass production, not planned to be reproduced every year, and are not suggested to be left alone without a guard or a lock. These bikes are expensive and not promoted often on TV. In this post, we are going to talk about 10 most expensive bikes in the world.

10. KGS ‘Tier 3′ Bikes $30,000

KGS Tier 3

Kevin Saunders is the creator of the bike and he named the bike Tier 3 because every of material he put to construct the bike and the cost he had to spent to build one of this. KGS Tier 3 has a price tag $30,000. It comes with finest steel and handmade woodwork.

9. Electric Assist Bicycle by eROCKIT $44,000
Same as the name, eRockit designed the bike to move semi automatically. Electric assist bike come with one Nano-phosphate lithium battery, which is capable to make the bike moving effortlessly 60 to 80 km per charge. We are not required to renew the battery until 50,000 km or a decade if we never used it. Yearly, eRockit only produces 10 units Electric assist Bicycle

8. BERU f1 Systems Factor 001 Bicycle £ 20,000
BERU F1 system is a high tech bike that is designed with anti-shock on board computer, GPS, and monitoring system includes a radio transmitter. The bike is dependable and navigable. The weight is mere 7kg and you wont lost on unknown terrain if you have the bike

7. Koga Kimera
If you are rich, search for speed and ready to die for it, Koga Kimera is for you. The maker designed the bike to win Olympic game and Dutch bike team had used it once. The experiment and development cost to make the bike took a million dollar and it is known as a sport bike with the world’s lowest resistance. It came with ultra firm frame, has no break and, and one speed gear.

6. Diamond encrusted Enigma Elle Bicycle
Nicholas James, a designer and jeweler, designed the bike and he took 3 pieces of 18karat of gold badges, 2 pieces of D Flawless diamond to blink the bike. Dominant part of the bike is high quality titanium material, which James took to frame the bike. It is exclusive and expensive. Foo Kune was one of a lady who own one of the bike before a thief stole it
5. Limited Edition Channel Bike $17,000-$28,000

Limited edition Chanel Bike

Original signatures of Channel adorned the bike and you can find it from the seat, portable bag, to the bike seat. All leather extra on the bike came from Channel and the company only releases 50 units of bike like this every year.
4. Celebrity Gold Bike
Celebrity Gold Bike is not ordinary bike because the frame is full of 24k of gold. It come with a uniform guard and price tag £4,000. This bike is uninsurable but the bike was coming from an insurance provider, Environmental transport association
3. Litespeed Blade £25,317
Although Litespeed Blade is not made of Titanium of gold, it is standing with accessories and extras from the best bike parts producer. View parts of the bikes are A Lightweight rear mech from Wiggle, AX Lightness Orion Brake calipers and SRM Ergo meter from Poshbikes and Zipp Vuka aero bars

2. Madone 5.9 SL -$75,000
The bike is one and only bike to sign seventh Lance Armstrong tour de France winning. The bike was featured on Lance Armstrong foundation auction in 2005 and was purchased by anonymous bidder for $75,000. The bike came from Trek, the accessory came from Nike, the designer was Lenny Futura, and helped by a Jeweler, Alan Friedman. The main attraction of the bike is 7 synthetic diamonds and 300 white diamonds.
1. Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition

Arumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition

Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition comes with 24-karat of gold from the frame to the spokes. All leather material attach on the bike is the finest leather ever and 600 Swarovski Crystals complete the perfect beauty. The producer only released 10 Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal edition every year and each of the bike is sold for €80,000.
So far the Aurumania’s Gold Bike Crystal is the most expensive bike in the world and if you find a bike worth a half million dollar, I am ready to delist this bike from 1st position and replace it with your bike information

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