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Top 5 Most Expensive Cameras in the World

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011. | Gadgets

If you love photography or professional photographers, you should know criteria of good quality camera. In this post, I like to introduce you 5 cameras with the most outstanding criteria and specifications. They are not cheap though. This is top 5 most expensive cameras in the world. Short description is included.

5. Hasselblad H3DII-50 ($37.000 )


Hasselblad H3DII-50

Hasselblad H3DII-50 used to known as world’s most priciest and advance camera in 2008. Once the producer released it, it was officially replacing a position of world’s most expensive camera that hold by Hasselblad H3DLL. Hassellblad H3DII-50 embosses 50 mega pixels resolutions. It is larger than Hasselblad H3DLL resolutions which only 39-mega pixels.

4. Phase One P65+ ($40.000)
A producer of Phase One P65+ launched the product 7 days after the premier launch of Hasselblad H3DII-50. It officially replaced the title of H3DII-50 as biggest resolution camera in the world. Phase One P65+ is 65-mega pixel camera that is completed with 645-format back. It gives 20 percent extra coverage areas more than any advance professional digital camera.
3. Leaf AFi 10 ($43,675)


Leaf AFi-10

Men behind Leaf used to work for Hasselblad before they finally made their own company and released their first leaf camera, Leaf AFi 10. It comes with 56 MP resolutions, 56X36mm optical sensor, and Verto technology extra to maximize the self-portrait features.
2. Seitz 6×17” Digital Panoramic Camera
The digital camera is designed for panoramic photographers. It comes with 21,250x 7,500 pixels and easy to use interface. One of the best panoramic cameras in the world is sold for US$42,000. In 1 second the camera is capable to capture 60 million pixels and has capture speed 300 MB per second

1.4K RED Epic 617 $53,000

most-expensive-camera-4K RED Epic 617.jpg

4K RED Epic 617

Former founder of Oakley, Jim Jannard invented 4K Red One Camera. He sports this camera with Mysterium 35mm sensor technology. it has 28,000 × 9,334 (28K) pixel and it produces graphic quality beyond 35mm film resolution or 5x larger than any High definition video camera. The red epic cameras used to captured all scenes of the social network, Guerilla, argentine, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, include upcoming Avatar 2. Estimated price $53,000. The most expensive camera in the world has many things to offer.

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