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Top 10 Most Expensive Cell Phones in the World

Wednesday, April 20th 2011. | Gadgets

Generally, a cell phone is a communication device. Adding it with camera, games, calculator, Internet browser, chatting feature or other extras, would not replace its basic functionality. In this post, we are not going to talk about cell phones with countless extras. Here, we are going to talk about 10 cell phones that have extra price. These 10 expensive phones came from Nokia, Apple, Motorola, and Vertu. Those are limited edition item and most of them had Midas touch from Jewelers. Let us take a look this 10 most expensive cell phone in the world

10. Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco: Undisclosed

most expensive handphone-Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco.jpg

Nokia Lamborghini 8800 Sirocco

Nokia Lamborghini Sirocco come with Lamborghini signature and that is the main reason what make the phone pricey. It is capable to locate 3 GSM frequency bands and we can use it in 5 continents. The face of the phone is a TFT display that is covered with a non-scratch sapphire coated glass, the engine is completed with internal memory, and Nokia did not forget to add a camera on it. Out of the standard features, this phone carries Lamborghini’s wallpaper, ring tones, screensaver and Lamborghini’s video documentaries copied directly from Lamborghini manufacture.

9. Gold Edition Nokia 8800: $2, 700

If you own a Nokia 8800 right now, I introduced you the upgrade version of the phone. Out of the Nokia 8800 standard features such as 62,000 TFT color display SVGA, 5 Mega pixel cameras, SMS or MMS usability and other features that you already have known, this Gold edition Nokia 8800 carries gold casing to embody all those features. It is more than a Nokia 8800 that is capable to record video, listening FM frequency, and transferring data via Bluetooth or EDGE.

8. Motorola V220 Special Edition: $51, 800

Top designer and Jeweler, Peter Aloisson, is the designer of the special edition Motorola V220. To make it special, Peter fashioned the front panel of the phone with 1200 diamonds and replaced the standard keypad of the phone with 18k of gold layer. The feminine look remains unchanged and that what make the phone is attractive for most women.

7. Vertu Diamond: $88, 000

Vertu dotted the key pad of the phone with 8k diamonds and they did not forget to pin another diamonds on the body. All those diamonds lay over finest quality platinum that is supported by ruby bearings. Not stop from that, Vertu took space shuttle tiles to harden the casing. Vertu only released 200 Vertu diamonds worldwide and if you want to own one you should spent $88,000

6. iPhone Princess Plus: $176, 400

Peter Aloison designed the phone with a theme princess cut diamond, which lines the edge of the iPhone. Peter used 318 total diamonds to blink the diamond where 138 of them are princes-cut diamond shape and the rest 180 of them are brilliant cut diamonds. Totally, Peter crusted the phone with 17,75 diamonds and 18k of white gold to perfect the beauty

5. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone: $300, 000

most-expensive-handphone-VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone.jpg

VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

it is sleek, futuristic and it came from a designer Jaren Goh. He emboldened the cutting-edge casing of the phone with a titan and polycarbonate, He put view diamonds to make it sleeker, and all these amenities house one Intel 400 MHz processor, a 4 MP camera and 262 TFT display

4. Vertu Signature Cobra: $310,000

Vertu chose Boucheron jeweler from French to make the Vertu signature cobra special. Vertu only released 8 Vertu signature cobras worldwide and each of the phone carries 9 karat round diamonds, 2k peer diamonds, 2 emeralds, and 439 rubies. Most of the Jewelries are laying on the Cobra symbol. Overall, 21k or diamonds and colorful rubies blink the fourth priciest phone in the world

3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone: $1. 3 million

JSC Ancort is the producer of the phone and Peter Aloison was the man behind the design of the phone. This self-phone runs over Windows CE operating system and this system stays under a platinum base casing that is encrusted with 50 diamonds where eight of them are rare blue diamonds. For the key pad and Ancort logo, Peter took 18k of rose gold. In short, it is more than a million dollar worth cell phone

2. GoldVish Le Million: $1. 3 million

Emamanuel Gueit designed the GoldVish Le Million and it holds Guinness world certification for the singularity in 2008. To make the phone more than unique, Emmanuel took VVS1 diamonds and 18k white diamonds to make the casing. The internal part and software are standard and it is available by personal order only.

1. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme: $3. 2 million


iPhone Goldstriker

The phone came from the passion and idea of Stuart Hughes, top UK jeweler. Goldstriker iPhone is one of a kind iPhone that carries 271 Grams of 22k gold and 200 diamonds. Stuart picked a 7,1 karat diamond to change the standard Home button of the phone and he embellished the Apple logo behind the casing with 53 pieces of gems. As final addition, Stuart used a granite chest carved with Kashmir gold and Nubuck grain leather to box the most expensive mobile phone in the world.

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