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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Sunday, April 17th 2011. | Business

If you already live in one of the cities below, I congratulate you because I know it is not easy and takes loads of hard work to survive on the city. On the following list, we are going to surf top 10 most expensive cities completed with a living rate per month include meal, dinner, apartment rental . If you feel the data is inaccurate because you just migrate from the city, I welcome you to use comment box to share your data

10. Singapore



Singapore is only 700 km square but it is also one of the most prosperous cities in the world. You can earn or loose money fast in the city. In Singapore, a rental cost to stay in a room with one bedroom is SGD$600 per month, utility cost include internet is SGD$300 per household a month, car tax is SGD $ 1,000 or more every year, rental parking space cost is around SGD$150 month and cost for a meal is SGD$ 5
9. Beijing, China



Beijing is one of the most important cities in China and it is one of the most populous cities in Asia. Cost to rent an apartment in business district in Beijing start from RMB 700 (include utility cost), cost to enjoy one meal is RMB 20, cost to enjoy one burger and soda is RMB 18, and if you want to read English newspaper, the cost is RMB25 per issue
8. New York City, United States


new york

New York or Big Apple gives thousand jobs every year and this fact attracts many people from around the world to cone. People who live in the city has high average income and spend a day in the city is worth few hundreds dollar. This is few living cost fact to live in the city:
-cost to rent a standard apartment with 2 bedrooms start from US$4000 a month
-Utility cost is starting from $250 per household and Cost of meal is starting from $1000/month for a family with 2 children
-Newspaper cost is $1.8 per issue, enjoying a glass of coffee will cost you $3, and eating a packet of fast food will cost around $5

7. Copenhagen, Denmark



Copenhagen is a home of many headquarters from different companies and cost of living in Copenhagen follows the dynamic growth of the prosperity. Cost of living in Copenhagen is as follows:

-Cost to rent a home in suburban area is $2,500 a month
– Cost to eat in a restaurant compose meals for 2 persons and drink is around $80 per served
-Utility bill is around $200 per month and taxi rate starts from $50.

6. Zurich, Switzerland



Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest city. Although cost to pay tax is low, cost of living is another matter in here. This is little facts about it:
– Cost to rent an apartment outside the city inside a building without elevator is around $1500 per month
– Utility cost starts from $200 per household and monthly bill for meals for a family with two children is around $800 per month and more
-Cost to own and use train pass card is $90/month and if you prefer riding a car, you need to know gas price in the city is $1.6 per liter
– Cost to eat in a restaurant composes 3 meals and wine is $300 per served

5. Hong Kong, China


hong kong

Hong Kong and high cost housing is not a new fact and if you stay in the city, you will be a family of about 6.88 million people. In Hong Kong, cost to rent an apartment start from $1500 a month, utilities bill is about $100-150 per household and enjoy a meal in McDonald is around HKD $22,80. If you want to try a local menu, the cost is around HKD $50 per served

4. Geneva, Switzerland



Geneva is headquarters of international companies and organizations and here, people can get high paid jobs that are not available in other city. Cost of living in the city is expensive because view reason I already mention and here are view living cost info to stay in the city
-cost to rent one apartment composes 3 bedrooms is $3000 per month.
-Cost of meal is $1200 per month per household
-Cost to have health insurance is about $800 and if your son wants to college in Geneva, the cost of living is around $1500-$180. That money is enough to cover cost to rent a flat, purchased books, cost to ride a public transportation and meals
3. Moscow, Russia



Moscow is a house for 11,514,300 inhabitants and everything in the city can be pricier than any city in the world. This is few facts related to it;
-Cost to rent one non-fully furnished apartment with two bedrooms is $4500 per month
-Utility cost is $250 per household per month and cost for meals is around $500 per month or more for a family with one son.
-English newspaper is $5,5 per issue, a packet of fast food is $5 add a cup of coffee is sold for $9

2. Osaka, Japan



Osaka is the second most expensive city in the world and it only view miles from Tokyo, our most expensive city in the world in the post. This is few facts about cost of living in the city
Apartment in downtown: € 1.306 per month, utility bill is € 180 per month (+ € 28 if you subscribe internet), cost of taxi € 18.72 per 5 km and one packet of combo McDonald is sold for € 5.82
1. Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is the priciest city in the world and estimated 13 million people populate it. Last earthquake make the city infrastructures tumbling but that is not happen with the cost of living in the city. Here are few facts about it:
– Cost to rent one non-furnished apartment with two bedrooms is $4500
-cost to enjoy a packet of fast food is $5, English newspaper is sold for $1 per issue, and a glass of coffee is sold for $5.
-Cost to dine in a restaurant is hefty start from $17 per meal, $33 and $108 per meal for the most expensive restaurant. The meal is standard and exclusive menus will cost more.

Do you live in one of the most expensive cities in the world above?

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