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Top 10 Most Expensive Comics in the World

Friday, May 20th 2011. | Other

Many top Hollywood movies are coming from comic books. Although in the past, most comic books are worth mere a dollar, the fact is changing in a present day because now view people in our town, know how to value history more than hundred of thousand dollar cash on their bank. Here is 10 most expensive comic book of all time.
10. Amazing Fantasy, No. 15 ($280,000)

Amazing Fantasy no 15

Amazing Fantasy no 15th featured the first debut of the famous Spiderman in 1960s. Marvel planned to cancel the issue but positive reviews and record sales changed that plan. Next release, Marvel released Spiderman comic in a full comic book release. That time, Stan Lee wrote the Spiderman comic
9. Flash Comics, No. 1 ($289,000)
The comic featured the debut of Flash and Hawkman in January 1940. The Flash no 1 is still in the collector hand and it is estimated the value of the rare comic now is close to $290 thousand dollars.
8. More Fun Comics, No. 52 ($316,000)
More Fun Comic was a short run comic, which was released in 1935 and stopped in 1947. The last issue of “More fun Comics no.52” preceded the new time of Spectre comic book
7. Batman, No. 1 ($359,000)
Batman No.1 featured the solo career of Batman character after it is coming out from Detective comics. The first released was in 1940 and it was featuring Robin as the sidekick of Batman

6. Marvel Comics, No. 1 ($367,000)
Marvel Comics no 1 is the first released of Marvel company and it is no surprise owning the historical print of the company worth a diamond. Marvel comics no 1 October issue features Human Torch, Masked Raider and Submariner. The comic marks the footstep success of Marvel Company. After the comic, Marvel launched other comic books featuring Wolverine, Iron man, The hulk and infamous Spiderman.
5. Detective Comics, No. 1 ($405,000)

Detective Comics, No. 1

For long years, Detective Comics (DC) character rivals the popularity of Marvel comic super heroes. The first comic of DC was launched in March 1937 and DC has released 888 issue of DC no.1. Historically, it was the longest published American comic book and it featured the humanist act of Batman and Superman

4. All-American Comics, No. 16 ($430,000)
Bill Finger and the creator of Batman comic book martin Nodell wrote all-American Comics no.16. It featured the first appearance of Green Lantern and the villains.
3. Superman, No. 1 ($671,000)
Superman No 1 is the first Superman comic book after the hero out of Action Comics. It marked the popularity of Superman and is now estimated worth more than 650 thousand dollar

2. Detective Comics, No. 27 ($1,37 million)
DC Released the comic in May 1939 and they only sale the comic mere 10 cents. This issue featured the debut of Batman. It that old time, Batman was called Bat-Man, The greatest Detective in the world. The recent value of the comic is beyond a million dollar.

1. Action Comics, No. 1 ($1,5 million)

Action Comics, No. 1

Action Comics no.1, our most expensive comic book, started its debut in June 1938. The Book marked the birth of most famous American Hero Superman. According to Stephen Fisher, a famous comic book expert, said that the first issue of Superman is the “Mona Lisa” of all comic book in the world.

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