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The Most Expensive Fish in the World

Tuesday, May 24th 2011. | Other

Fish is an important commodity and nutrition. It is important part of diet and some are very rare species and require more than common sense to purchase and enjoy it. On the following list, we are going to talk about most expensive fish in the world. Our first fish is Torpedo Shaped Tuna.
1. Torpedo Shaped Tuna

Torpedo Shaped Tuna

Torpedo Shaped Tuna is our first expensive fish. After the dead fish arrive in Japan or Mumbai, soon it will be turning to be an expensive menu in which there is only the affluent that can enjoy it.
In Mumbai, Torpedo Shaped Tuna is only served in 5 stars hotel and it is served on a menu called “pomfret-surmai-rawas”. It is usually coming with fresh and tasty Bombay fresh duck meat.

2. Arowana
Arowana is a collector pet and is very popular as an aquatic vertebrate that brings luck. The most expensive Arowana ever recorded in the last 10 years is a Dragon Arowana from Aro Dynasty, Singapore. The arowana owns a rare silvery mutation color coat on its body. Around 2007, UK Importer had proposed the Dragon fish or Platinum arowana for £200,000.
3. Southern Bluefin

Bluefin Tuna

Southern Bluefin is another expensive fish that are listed in the list world’s most expensive fish. They are living in warm water around Australia and each one of them can grow up to 200 kg. According to Australia marine authorities and trade, the fishing industry of Southern Bluefin worth more than $280 million each year
4. Fugu and Japan’s Bluefin Tuna
Fugu and giant Blue fish tuna or Hunmaguro are 2 most expensive fishes in Japan. In Japanese restaurant, Fugu is offered $50 up to $140 each. Hunmagaro at the other side has different story.
It is an exclusive tuna for the richest level only and the best place to find the fish is at Tsukiji Central fish market. In 1996, a 444-pound and a 250 pound bluefish Tuna auctioned off and sold at Tsukiji Central fish Market for $391 per pound or $100 per slices.

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