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Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars in the World

Tuesday, April 19th 2011. | Music

Guitar has so many fans and it is one of the most popular music instruments on earth. One guitar can be pricier because of the rarity and the historical valuation. If you are guitar fans and know how to play it well, I am sure you want to own one of the costly guitars below. This is 10 most expensive guitar in the world
10. 1949 Fender Broadcaster prototype: $375, 000


1949 Fender Broadcaster prototype

This guitar was a prototype model of the most successful Leo fender’s guitar, fender telecaster. This guitar is the first model of the most wanted guitar production in the world and a private guitar collector bought it for $375,000 in 1994. That time, it was the priciest guitar of the year

9. Eric Clapton’s Rare metal Leaf Stratocaster: $455, 550

This guitar was a custom order of Eric Clapton in 1996.That time, he asked Fender to make him to make him a guitar that would be good enough to stay in louvre museum till the end of time. To fulfill his demand, Fender encrusted the guitar with 23k of gold. One year later, Eric sold it in Christie’s for $445.000

8. George and also John’s 1964 Gibson SG: $570, 000

This electric guitar was employed by the Beatles somewhere between 1966 and also 1969. George Harrison employed it when he was producing and promoting the album “Revolver”. Once, john Lennon used it to record “white” album before he gave it to George peter ham, from Badfinger band. View years after his death, Peter’s family found it in 2002 and he sold it to an auction 2 years later and it fetched $570,000

7. “Lenny” – Stevie Beam Vaughan’s 1965 Fender Blend Stratocaster: $623, 500

The guitar was a gift from Stevie ray Vaughan’s wife, Lenny, who gave the guitar for his 26th anniversary in 1980. Name Lenny was taken to mark the guitar and since that time, Stevie ray often used it in his concert or recording until his death in 1990. The old SRV sticker on it is the identity of all Stevie ray Vaughn and that approve its ingenuity. In 2004, Vaughn’s family sold it on auction to support crossroad centre in Antigua and it fetched $623,500.

6. Eric Clapton’s Chemical. F. Martin & Corp., circa 1939: $791, 500

The next guitar was one of Eric Clapton collection. He owned it until he sold on an auction to support one of crossroad rehabilitation centers. There are still more guitar on the following list, so you better keep reading this post

5. Eric Clapton’s 1964 Gibson ES0335 TDC: $847, 500


Eric Clapton's 1964 Gibson ES0335 TDC

Before 1964, it was one of Eric Clapton favorite guitar. After that year, Eric Clapton found a better guitar and he only used it occasionally. The guitar was another Eric Clapton collection that ended in an auction. It fetched $847,500 record sale and it is the priciest Gibson guitar sold in one auction

4. Blackie – Stratocaster cross: $959, 500

The guitar was one of view of the Stratocasters guitar collection of Eric Clapton and he bough it after he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix in 1970. that year, Eric purchased 6 vintage Stratocasters in Texas for view hundred bucks each and he gave 3 of those guitars to his friends, George Harrison, Pete townshend and last, Steve Winwood. Since January 1973, Eric used 3 of the remaining guitars during many occasions until 1985. He named this Stratocaster, blackie. After Eric had neck problems, he could not used the guitar properly and he sold it on an auction in 2004. The guitar fetched $959,000

3. Bob Marley’s Custom made Washburn 22 series Hawk: around $1,000,000

Today, the guitar is a Jamaican national assets. it was one of 7 bob Marley guitars and he often used it to perform on stage until November 21st,1971. On that date, bob gave it to one lucky guitar technician, Gary Carlsen and bob said, “Take it and you will understand later”. Surprisingly, instead of sold it and ate the money for himself, he sold the guitar to fund a charity organization “different journeys, one destination”. Instead of selling it directly, he hung the guitar as a lottery reward.

2 Jimi Hendrix’s 1968 Stratocaster: around $2 million
In 1960s, jimi hendrix was the owner of the guitar and last time he played it during his concert in Woodstock 1969. Since 1970s up to 1990s, a drummer Mitch Mitchell kept it out of publicity and it returned to public on the opening gathering of a new fender artist center in 1990. In a same year, Mitch sold it to Sotheby’s and it fetched $198,000. Last news, according to rumors, a buyer of the guitar resold it to Microsoft top executive, Paul Allen, for $2,000,000 around 8 years later

1. Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster: $2. 7 million


Reach out to Asia Fender Stratocaster

This guitar is the priciest guitar sold in auction and it hold the title since it was purchased in one auction in Qatar in 2005. Bryan Adams intended the sell of the guitar to support 2004 tsunami relieved.

To make the guitar valuable, he asked his friends to sign the guitar and some of them were jimmy page, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, sting, Liam Gallagher, Jeff beck and view top musicians from US include def leppard and Angus & Malcolm Young. on that auction night, a Qatari royal family purchased it for a million dollar and then they resold it to support another charity foundation view years later for $2,7 million. Totally, the guitar has a total value $3,7 million and that is the reason why I put this guitar on a first rank of the most expensive guitar in the world.

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