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Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans in the World

Thursday, May 12th 2011. | Fashion

If you have unlimited budget to pimp your self in front of the camera and you are big fans of Jeans, read the post, take a note and Start to search most luxurious store in your city. On the following post, I am going to share 10 most expensive jeans in the world. First thing to notice, not all the jeans are brand new and available in every store. Lets check out the cheapest among the top 10 list.
10. Levi Capitol E jean ($500)


Levi Capital E Jeans

Every Levi Capitol E jean is coming from the handwork of 30 tailors from the start to the final change. Every Levi Capitol E jean is one of a kind and unique. For that intensive and extensive work, Levi deserve to sell it with premium price. It is sold for $500 a pair
9. 7 For All Mankind ( $1000)
7 for all Mankind is coming with a finest fabric, exceptional cut, unique styling, and available in different colors and weaves. Fans of the jeans said that 7 For all Mankind is illusive. It makes their legs look thinner and their thighs leaner. Denim Blog have reviewed the jeans and you can read more info on the blog
8. Earnest Sewn ($1000)
Each pair of Earnest Sewn is coming with rare batches of finest hand bleached jean and the maker allows buyer to detail the jean with additional river. Sure you can select the size of the jean before you bring it home. All the finest material and customization works is coming with $1000 price tag.

7. Roberto Cavalli ($1200)
Roberto Cavalli is popular brand in Hollywood and it has client from Jennifer Lopez to Sex in The City casts. Roberto Cavalli jean is expensive because his jeans carry premium denim and A class tailoring. You can find Roberto Cavalli jeans on cavalla boutique on the center of Madison Avenue new York. You might have a chance to meet your favorite actor here.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Jean ($1200)
Dolce & Gabbana is a well-known clothing designer and they know how to make their own Jeans style without learning to Levis. Dolce and Gabbana jean is coming with a gold elegant D&G logo on a back pocket patch. This logo marks the uniqueness of the Jean. To own one of this we need to wait D&G fulfill the order or earlier buyer

5. APO Jeans ($4000)


APO jeans

After you find a store that sells APO jeans, you have a chance to customize the jeans base on patch you want to add on it. You can pick silver patch, gold, platinum even real diamonds if you have enough budgets. Every APO jeans carries $4000 price tag and a written appraisal from a trustworthy New York Jeweler
4. Gucci Genius ($4000)
Gucci Genius is a modified new jeans and it looks worn and old when we see it. Gucci Genius is coming with feather, African beading, and unique buttons. Gucci introduced the Genius in Milan in 1998. That time it was sold for $3,100 a pair or 4000 today’s dollar
3. Escada ($10,000)
Escada is a personalized jean so the buyer should have little creativity before wearing the jeans. Buyer can select optional details, denim, patches, and styling. One most expensive escada is coming with Swarovski Crystal. Yea you will not get it cheap. You should exchange it with $10,000.
2. Old Levi Strauss & Co.
There is 2 most expensive levis in the history of Levi Strauss company. The first one is First original Levi 501 style that was produced in 1880s and resold in eBay auction in 2005. One bidder paid it for $60,000 or 65,000 today’s dollar. The second Levi was older. One found an old original Levi that was produced in 1800s at a California goldmine. The founder sold the old jean in eBay in 2001 and sold it to anonymous bidder for $36.000

1. Secret Circus ($1.3 million)

most-expensive-jeans-Secret Circus.jpg

Secret Circus

Secret Circus is a new company and they only want to sell their new creation to people who do not mind to spend million to get a pair of jean. The back pocket blinks with diamonds and they are not a small diamonds. If the owner want to strip the diamond and sold it to other people, the price certainly won’t change much. From most expensive jeans in the world above, which one do you want to own if you can get it free ?

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