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Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Tuesday, May 10th 2011. | Culinary

Unspeakably, we do not mind to pay more money plus extra tips for a restaurant that can sell outstanding menus quickly. In this post, we are going to check out together 10 most expensive restaurant in the world include with their menu and price. If you already visit one of the restaurants on the following list, I hope you don’t mind to share your experience with other reader after you leave this blog.

1) Aragawa restaurant: Tokyo, Asia (US$ 368 /served/ person)


Steak at Aragawa Restaurant


Aragawa is located at the district of Shinbashi, Tokyo. This is an excellent steak house and is commonplace for steak junkies around Tokyo. The Aragawa’s Steak is served with capsicum and mustard. It is the ultimate culinary of the Japanese Steak house

2) Paris: Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athne (US$231 per served)

Alain Ducasse owns the restaurant and it is only one of his restaurant branches in France. The restaurant is part of Grand Hotel of Paris. The eatery is busy each day unless summer season and Christmas holiday.

3) London: Gordon Ramsay (US $ 183 /served/ person)

Gordon Ramsey is a British and the founder of the restaurant. It operates since 1998 and it has fanatic fans that often crowd the restaurant every evening. It only has 13 tables and less than 60 chairs. This profitable restaurant has a best menu Pigeon served with foie Gras and Cornish fowl lamb

4) Munich: Acquarello (U$ 125/served/ person)

Acquarello, a Mediterranean Italian restaurant, sells Veal, Pasta menus, fishes and sweet tasting pigeon for visitor who have diet problem or want to enjoy delicious low carb diet

5) Rome: Alberto Ciarla (US $113/dine/person)


Alberto Ciarla Interior Design


Alberto Ciarla indulges people with a huge passion of fish goody. Top menu of the restaurant is tagliatelled combined with mussels, linguine, grills, tuna and view slices of swordfish fresh meat.

6) Toronto: Sushi Kaji (U$109/dine/person)

Sushi Kaji of Toronto has a key chef named Mitsuhiro Kaji. He is a talent behind delicious BBQ’s of the restaurant that are sold ranging from $80, 100 up to $120 per served. Top menus on the restaurant are Barbeque Eel and Fried Fluke spiced with tomatoes sauce. As the desert, the restaurant offers Watermelon soup and pickled cucumber combined with strawberry

7) Montreal Canada: Queue De Cheval Steak House (US$85/dine/person)

The best menu of the steak house is Corn Fed Beef. Corn Fed Beef is using a low fat beef or meat that was dried 35 days. Every Corn Fed Beef gives 24 ounces low fat meat and one bottle of Californian and Australian Wine. You should pick one of these not both. .

8. Madrid: El Amparo (US $70/dine/person)

El Amparo restaurant is an ex-carriage house, which turns to be exotic restaurant in Madrid. Favorite menu in the restaurant is cold salmon dish enriched with fresh tomato sorbet. As the mouthwash, El Amparo gives Iberian Peninsula wines and Chocolate soufflé.

9) Shanghai: Whampoa Club (US$63/dine/person)

Whampoa Club composes their interior with beautiful pastel glass and Art Nouveau wall panels completed with Crystal Chandeliers. The restaurant knows how to build good interior and lovely menus such as crispy beef strips beautified with sun-dried orange peel and Chilly drunken chicken with sauce.

10) Milan Italy, Boeucc(U$62/Dine/person)


Boeucc Restaurant interior


Boeucc indulges guests with cool dining room interior with vintage paintings, beautiful tiles and romantic chandeliers. The best menu of the most expensive restaurant is veal combined with pureed potatoes and gusto saffron risotto extra.

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