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Top 10 Most Expensive Scotches in the World

Wednesday, May 25th 2011. | Other

If you are drunk and you hold a bottle of one of last six scotches on the following list, I bet you still have your conscious not to throw the bottle to the wall when it is still full. This is 10 most expensive scotches in the world.
10. A dram of Kinclaith (36-year-old)


Kinclaith is a extinct single malt that was coming from a shut down distillery in 1975. The last 36 years old Kinclaith went to StripSteak of Las Vegas and fetched $415. StripSteak’s PR, Patric Yumul said Kinclaith has a strong, long and dry finish. It is oily and perfumed too.
9. Ladybank Distillery
$ 4950/membership

Ladybank Distillery offers unique approaches on their marketing product. For $4950 membership fee, people can enjoy the sweet and singularity of Ladybank production include with excusive trip to the back office of LadyBank Distillery, exclusive scotch, dining facility and many more.

8. Bruichladdich (40-year-old) U$1,970
A 40-years old Bruichladdich composes mouthful taste of succulent and exotic yellow fruits, lime and grapefruit. It is smooth and the best of Bruichladdich distillery. The distillery official, Jim McEwan, said that the company only produces no more than 500 bottles worldwide.
7. Bowmore 1957 (U$2,300)
The Bowmore 1957 composes more than 45 years old scotch and the company said it holds 40% alcoholic volume inside. It is the oldest production of Bowmore distillery and the most exclusive. The company only distributes Bowmore 1957 in west coast
6. Black Bowmore 1964 ($6,000)
Black Bowmore 1964 is available in 5,812 twin and the producers says, It composes mind boggling taste and smoothness that will be roll over inside the mouth like perfect waves to the shore. If you want to get a bottle of this, your destination is Park Avenue liquor Shop
5. Macallan 1928, 50-year-old ($11,900)

Macallan 1928

Two Macallan 1928 were purchased at the Mc Tear’s auction house view years ago for total price $11,900. One bottle sold for £4,400 and the other one is £6,000

4. Balvenie Cask 191 ($13,000)
David Stewart reviewed the 50-aged old Scotch as a liquor with an intense and complex nose combine with toffee, raisins, marchpane and sweet oak. The unique flavors is mixed with the sweet of honey, Chocolate, drying oak and spice.
3. 1937 Glenfiddich ($20,000)
A 1937 Glenfiddich scotch is rare whiskey that is composed with fruit mix and special recipes, which were kept more than 64 years before it was bottled. It is coming from the Glenfiddich Distillery Scotland and it is the best product of the distillery.
2. The Dalmore 62 Years ($51,000)
The Master blender of Dalmore , Richard Paterson, said that the best tips to enjoy the 51 grand liquor is combining it with a warm Colombian coffee or milk. The combination of bitter and sweet will ensure the unforgettable experience he said.
1. The Macallan 1926 ($75,000)

The Maccalan 1926

The Macallan 1926, our most expensive Scotch, is the rarest collection of Macallan’s distillery. A Korean from Seoul purchased the one and only product for 70 million won or around $75,000 in 2005.

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