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Top 10 Most Expensive Speakers in the World

Monday, May 30th 2011. | Other

Speaker system is apparatus to boost the power of sound system. It carries technology to loud sound production and it has a function to transmit clear and clean sound. Speaker products are available in different price range and here we are going to talk 10 most expensive of them. This is 10 most expensive speakers in the world

10. Ultimate II by Magico : $ 289,000

Ultimate II by Magico

Ultimate II is a speaker system from Magico that is coming with 5 ways stereo system. It has 4 pair compression drivers, 4-inches solid aluminum front panel, and Magico required 4 mounts to make one Ultimate II. Most aluminum material on Ultimate II is 6061T-6 grade aluminum.
9. Coltrane Supreme by Marten: $ 295,000
Marten Olofsson was one of British Hi-Fi product winner and he had a challenge to make Coltrane Supreme to keep his title. Coltrane supreme is coming with four cabinet system, two speakers and two subwoofer units that are made of four 10-inches bass unit made of Ceramic. Every loudspeaker is coming with 7-inches ceramic of bass unit, one 7-inch ceramic of lower midrange, 2-inch ceramic of midrange unit, and a 1-inch diamond speaker unit.

8. Infinite Wisdom by Wisdom Audio: $300,000
The Infinite Wisdom is coming with eight under hung 12 inch sound system channel compose 3 inch low frequency voice coil . Totally, Infinite wisdom has 16 drivers on every circuit.
7. T-1 by Tidal: $322,000
T-1 Audio system from Tidal is the first speaker that is featured with a 30mm diamond loudspeaker system combined with black tiles with the best quality diaphragm inside.
6. Olympus Sound System “OSS” by Adam Audio: $325,000
OSS or Olympus Sound System from Adam Audio has a digital signal processor and it is built in 8 columns audio system compose 12 amplifiers and 60 drivers.

5. Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts: $380,700

Sphäron Excalibur by Acapella Audio Arts

Sphäron Excalibur from Acapella Audio has a 12 square meters jumbo speaker that is capable to transfer low frequency audio sound. It has twin pillars that have four 15-inch subwoofers on every pillar.

4. MBX 10.9s46 by California Audio Technology: $560,000
MBX 10.9s46 is a twin giant speaker system weighting a ton each. The exterior is painted “Red Ferrari”and it stands 12 feet high. Inside MBX 10.9s46, we can find solid alloy that is used to transfer the best audio sound output.

3. Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker by Wisdom Audio: $700,000
Infinite wisdom grade loudspeaker is a tower system audio system that stands 23 feet high and weighting nearly 2 tons.
2. Grand Enigma by Kharma: $1,0000,000
Grand Enigma is a custom design and it is one of a kind. Tweeter maker from Dutch, Kharma, only made one of this. Kharma composed the giant speaker system with the most advance technology and one of their creation can be seen on of a building’s cellar in Belgium
1. ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio: $2,000,000

ULTIMATE by Transmission Audio

Ultimate from Transmission audio is the most expensive speaker system in the world. Transmission audio compose the speaker system with 4 separate dipole subwoofer where every dipole subwoofer composes ten 15-inch subwoofers and twenty four 8 channels with 2 full band dipole MF on every channel. Totally, ULTIMATE has 68 meters audio ribbons. This expensive audio is only playable with 31,000-Watt electrical power supply.

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