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Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in the world

Saturday, May 14th 2011. | Other

To look perfect and more stylish, some of us required to buy branded sunglasses. Although the price is high, most of them agreed that it as necessary sacrifice. On the following post, I am going to share you 10 most expensive sunglasses in the world. Most of the sunglasses maker is a top brand fashion brand too. Therefore, I think you will not strange with most of them

10. Maui Jim (Hawaii H310)

Hawaii H310

Maui Jim is a designer of famous sunglass brand Hawaii 310. Come with starting price $350, Hawaii 350 is first choice for most people who prioritize budget over style. For some who consider Hawaii 350 is not trendy enough they surely pick sunglass on the next list.


9. Oakley (Romeo) $500

Oakley Romeo is coming with a sharp, elegant look and completed with polarized lenses. The frame is sturdy because it is full titanium. Every Oakley Romeo is worth $500. Once you buy it, you can wear it for years.

8. Oliver Peoples Balmain ($500+)

Oliver peoples Balmain is our next expensive sunglasses and it is coming with 2 optional colors silver with gradient and gold combined with gold mirror. With a price tag start from $487-S594, now you select one that will not weight your pocket.


7. Bvlgari model 8016 (U$700)

Bvlgari model 8016 is wide frame sunglasses that are studded with crystal-studded arm. The frame is not only sleek but also perfect to block any incoming UV light from the sun. The model is matching with almost any face contour

6. Fendi (411 Aviator) $1,200

Fendi 411 Aviator is multi functional and you do not have to purchase another sunglass if you go to the beach because the sunglass will be enough to comfort your eyes from the heat of UV rays. This brown color sunglass is matching to all skin color

5. Louis Vuitton (Evasion) ($1,200)

Louis Vuitton Evasion

If you already big fans of this expensive brand, you should familiar with this Louis Vuitton Evasion. The designer designed the sunglass with lightweight but sturdy titanium frame. The unique feature of the sunglass is it owns two folding hinges and bridge to connect both arms

4. Chrome Hearts Kufannaw II ($1,350)

Chrome Hearts Kufannaw II is chick, slim, and has a classic look of motorist enthusiast. The glass is a high UV resistant and it matching for any occasion. It is available in Black, purple, brown and pink gradient.

3. Moss Lipow ($3,800)

Moss Lipow is worth more than 3 grand because the seller completed the sunglass with genuine alligator leather frame and ostrich. Out of PETA controversies, Moss Lipow is a stylish item for a classy person. Sure, to own the sunglass being wealthy is must.

2. Luxuriator ($65,000)

Luxuriator is available in 23 twins and people should spend 65 grand to own one of it. The frame is a combination of 18k gold, 132 hand-cut diamond and ivory buffalo horn rims. If you have investor mind in your head, you should know that the diamond sunglass could be valuable investment.

1. D&G (DG2027B) ($386,609)

D&G DG2027B

The limited edition D&G DG2027B is our recent most expensive sunglasses in the world. It is coming with brown tinted frames encrusted with gold dotted with diamonds on the both rims. D&G as the Most Expensive Designer Sunglasses should be very proud with the product.



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