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Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

Wednesday, May 18th 2011. | Other

In the last 2 decades, video games have become serious business. To develop a marketable video game now requires investor with million-dollar budget. In the early of 1990s, game Doom was the most expensive video game. Investors only financed the game $200,000 and it was enough to be the priciest one on the market. Time has changed, gamers demanded game that is more realistic and it is time to check out our 10 most expensive video games in the world.

10. Killzone 2: $45 million

Killzone 2

Developer took more than 4 years to implement the concept of Killzone into new PS3 titles. The initial budget was 20 million, rose to 30 million and after development process running, another budget required to finish the whole process. Totally, the game took more than $45 million up to $56 million. The game official never reveals the real number.

9. Final Fantasy XII: $48 million
Final Fantasy XII follows the long history of Final Fantasy release and required more than just new character to make the game success. The early budget of Final Fantasy XII was under 40 million but it spiked up to $48 million on the final process. This money was not including marketing cost. The next launch, Final Fantasy XII is predicted will have a budget 50 percent higher than the Final Fantasy 12.

8. LA Noire: $50 million
The CEO of Game Developers Association of Australia, Tom Crago, promoted LA Noire as one of the most expensive developed games in 21st century. Rockstar financed the game around $50 million and most of the budget went to add cinematic touch to the old background of Los Angeles in 1940

7. APB, $50 million
APB has been developed more than 5 years. It is coming from Realtime Worlds and is known as the priciest production of the company. Dave Jones, the founder of Realtime world, had to back up the project another 50 million to keep ABP developer own enough money to beautify the game without any delay.
6. Halo 3, $55 million

Halo is a tremendous success of Microsoft and they literally offered “an unlimited budget” to create new Halo franchise. All the detail was replenished retouch and renew. Halo 3 offers completely new challenge and new experience. Microsoft spent more than $55 million to produce the game and they add more than 190 million to promote it worldwide.
5. Metal Gear Solid 4, $60 million

Metal Gear Solid 4

Metal gear solid production took more than 4 years and the developer should take funding from 2 different companies, Kojima production and Sony company, to finish the early production process.
4. Too Human, $60+ million
Too Human was another game that surprised the investors because it had to take another budget or everything would be wasted. Epic Games and Unreal Engine 3 was at a critical condition because Silicon Knight as the developer left the unfinished Too human engine before it is usable. The initial project cost was 50 million and it would be useless without another 10 million funding to complete the rendering process.

3. Shenmue, $70 million
Shenmue took a long process more than a decade before it is ready for the public meeting.SEGA Dreamcast game released more than 70 million dollar to fuel the developer ideas into visual reality. Most of the money went to detail the extra parts of the game. Too bad, the game did not hit the expected sales.

2. Gran Turismo 5: $80 million
Gran Turismo features more than a thousand cars, mind blowing cinematic graphic, stores and loads of extras. The initial development cost started in 2008 and was only $60 million. Along the production process, new idea offered and added into the scene. Two years later, Gran turismo hit production budget record totaling $80 million.

1. Grand Theft Auto 4: $100 million

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 is a racing game with an emotional touch, detail background, cool music, and hundreds of different characters. The most expensive game took the hand of 1,000 developers from different graphical disciplines. Serious and countless hours of studies had been conducted and more than 2,000 musicians had been contacted to rich the game with music and detail. Inside it, user can get more than 100 hours of thrilling experience.

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