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Diva Vodka, The Most Expensive Vodka in the World

Saturday, May 7th 2011. | Culinary

Before we are talking about the most expensive vodka in the world, lets read short history of Vodka first. Originating from Russia, Vodka became favorite booze of eastern European since the mid of 15th century. Vodka has long history and it became new international commodities in the mid 1970s when vodka exported to United States and become a new hone of American’s drinkers. Hundreds of vodka’s brands have been exported from Russia and each of the brand target different people and define different market.

When first vodka maker produced and sold vodka for the first time around 16/17th century, 12 liters of vodka was equal to 1.5 cows-2 cows. Since many Russians loved this alcoholic beverage Tsarist tagged tax to every vodka production. It was so popular so that it supplied 40% of all revenue of the kingdom.

The question now is do you know what is the most expensive vodka in the world? The answer is Stolichnaya Elit, the French Jean-Marc XO, and some believe elysees vodka. Elit and XO are costing around $60 a bottle while elysees vodka is 7 euro a glass. Most premium vodka is distilled three or 4 times while elysees is distilled up to 7 times.

most expensive vodka-Stolichnaya Elit.jpg

Stolichnaya Elit

Elysees only sold in most expensive restaurant like Pavillon Ledoyen, Jules Verne, Taillevent, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. French jean marc XO is distilled nine times it is among the purest vodka in the world.


XO Vodka

Other most expensive vodka in the world is Diva Vodka, which is coming from Blackwood distillers in Scotland. The distiller distilled Diva vodka 3 times and ice gritted the booze with crushed diamonds and gems after it is coming out from ice filter through Nordic birch fusain. Because of the difficult production process, Diva vodka is known as the priciest vodka in 20th century.


Diva Vodka

Blackwood distiller bottled diva vodka inside precious and semi precious gems include diamonds. The distiller sold it start from $70 to more than a million dollar depends on what bottle customer pick to carry the most expensive vodka.

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