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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

Monday, May 16th 2011. | Other

If you look at top 10 most expensive yacht below, first thing that crosses in your mind must be the price, the feature, the owner, and perhaps ways the owner took to purchase the yacht. Stop from that, lets check out our most expensive yacht in the world. Start from the cheapest

10. Tatoosh: $100 million

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Paul Allen does not to be the 1st richest person in the world to owns multi million dollar toys. This Yacht is one of Paul Allen Yachts. It is 301 ft long. Inside the yacht, we can find a private theatre, swimming pool, two helipads and jumbo lobster tanks.

9. Annaliesse: $103 million
Annaliesse is 280 feet long and is capable to carry 50 passengers. On board we can find 15 cabins, a private spa, kids’ playground, Salon, a library, include one mid size cinema room with 100″ display. Special for the main cabin, it has one king size bed with panoramic windows

8. Alysia: $116 million
Alysia is a private luxury rental yacht. A top businessperson from Greek, Andreas Liveras owns it and he decorated the 290-feet yacht with a private deck and a king size bed for the main cabin and Jacuzzi. On board the yacht, we can try to use scuba scooters. Neorian shipyard was the constructor of the yacht and the yacht itself has operated since 2006

7. Ecstasea: $129 million
3 of top 10 most expensive yachts in the world are belong to Roman Abramovich and this is one of those. Ectasea is 250 feet long and it came from the Royal Van Lent constructor. Ectasea is cruising with Terence Disdale bamboo furniture, a disco room, one private sauna and Turkish tubs. It owns retractable helipad outside.

6. Pelorus: $130 million
Pelorus is the 2nd yacht of Roman Abramovich in the list. The length is 337 feet 3 inches. Abramovich owns the yacht after he purchased it from a Saudi Arabian businessman. The yacht was constructed by Lurssen Yard from Germany and designed by Tim Heywood. In the hand of Abramovich, the yacht has additional helipads, new zero speed stabilizers, extra wave runners and jet skies. To operate the yacht flawlessly Abramovich employs 48 crews.

5.: $200 million



Octopus is another yacht of Paul Allen and he constructed the yacht with the help of a Breman shipbuilder, Lurssen yard. For the blue print, Jonathan Quinn Bernett from Seattle took the job. It is 416 feet long and operated by 40 crews. On the garage, Paul Allen put 7 small boats, 2 helicopters and one 10-pessenger sub.

4. Rising Sun: $200 Million
Rising Sun is another yacht from Lurssen yard. The owner is two Oracle executives, Larry Elisson and David Geffen. Rising sun is 453 feet long and it owns Onyx countertops, one Jacuzzi, gym, Sauna, a cellar, and one cinematic room with a jumbo plasma TV. Jon Bannenberg was the yacht designer and On board the room, we can find 82 cabins

3. Lady Moura: $210 million.
Lady Moura is belonged to your highness Prince Nasser Al Rashid. Lady Moura is one of the biggest yacht on the list (105.8 m long). It is too big for Monte harbor and other smaller harbors. Blohm + Voss took the construction in 1990 and the owner need 60 crews to operate the ship. A cool thing about the ship is an artificial beachfront and jumbo swimming pool on the outdoor.

2. Dubai: $350 Million
Dubai is 524 feet and 10 inches long. The owner is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rasyid Al Maktoum, who is a prime minister of UAE. The interior design of Dubai is Philippe Stark. The big boat is capable to host 115 guests and it has 88 operational crews. It owns a jumbo pool, squash court, a helipad even mini aircraft’s airdock.

1. Eclipse: $1.2 Billion


Eclipse Yacht

Eclipse started its first day in June 12, 2009. It is the last Roman Abramovich yacht on the list. Outside the hefty 1,2 billion dollar, The beautiful yacht is a yacht with semi military equipments. It owns 3 small boats, a mini size sub, intruder signal detector (CCD), laser radar and missile defense system. Eclipse is 528 feet long and is operated by 70 crews. On board the ship, we can find 2 helipads, 11 cabins, hot tubs, swimming pools and many more. Most features are classified because of security issue.Tell me your opinion about this most expensive yacht in the world.

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